Natural Gas

Clean burning, abundant natural gas is creating a major structural shift in the energy landscape. The dramatic rise in natural gas availability is escalating the retirement of coal-fired generation, backing out the need for renewable power, and creating the potential for vast new markets for natural gas as a vehicle transportation fuel. Along with renewables, natural gas is paving the way for America’s energy independence, and allowing the U.S. to become a net energy exporter.

At Blue Planet Energy Law, we advise utilities, generators and end-users on all regulatory and commercial aspects of the midstream and downstream natural gas supply, transportation, storage, and import/export markets. We assist clients in securing gas supply and transportation capacity at favorable rates and terms. We advise on and litigate complex pipeline rate proceedings under Section 4 and Section 5 of the Natural Gas Act. We assist electric generators with securing structured gas supply. We advise interstate and intrastate pipeline companies on the prosecution of rate and certificate proceedings, enforcement proceedings, and safety matters. We also advise clients engaged in merger, divestiture and bankruptcy activities involving energy assets.