Regulatory Advice & Litigation

The energy industry is highly regulated. Understanding the regulatory landscape at both the state and Federal level is critical to successful energy projects and transactions. Understanding the rules and regulations is also critical to ensuring compliance with complex requirements necessary to avoid liability.

At Blue Planet Energy Law, we have extensive experience advising clients on legal, regulatory, litigation and enforcement matters before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Bonneville Power Authority, the California Air Resources Board, and a variety of other state and Federal agencies. Our understanding of the agencies and the regulatory process allows us to advise clients on structuring projects to ensure swift approval, as well as to structure transactions to minimize regulatory risk. We can advise you on when and how to participate in rule-makings and other regulatory proceedings on a cost-effective basis. We have a proven track record assisting clients in litigated rate proceedings and settlements with favorable outcomes. Where necessary, we also can assist you in seeking redress of unfavorable agency action before the appropriate appellate court.